Traditional marketing to digital marketing

Traditional marketing to digital marketing

Traditional Marketing to digital marketing

Businesses cannot thrive globally without proper marketing; this is as true as it can be. Generally, we have two kinds of marketing: traditional and digital marketing. The objective of both digital and traditional marketing is to use different means of communication and spread messages through them for network, sales and building public opinion. The right marketing plan and platform are necessary for businesses of all kinds.

It’s undeniable that digital marketing options are more viable and more effective. It has become the first choice of many people, especially small-budget businesses. If you are confused about taking the digital marketing approach for your business, take a look at the benefits below and make an informed decision.

Before we start and you decide, you must understand a few things about digital marketing. 

Digital marketing refers to the use of internet-based platforms and applications and all digital interactions. Though traditional media like televisions, radio, hoarding boards, magazines, and newspapers have integrated digital platforms, digital marketing does not include them.

In the last decade, the trend of using digital marketing has soared. One can say this is the era of digital marketing. It is the most suitable economic platform to advertise or, let’s say, to influence people. Yet, by no means can we say that traditional marketing has died. We can still see many advertisements being displayed on televisions, radios, newspapers, and even hoarding boards. 

Now to why digital marketing is better:

The access factor

To start, you must understand that digital marketing is of utmost need for any kind of business, be it big or small. Especially if you are a start-up company, the said marketing provides you more areas of growth. 

Today, global smartphone penetration has increased to 41.5%, out of which, 14-15% of smartphone users today use social media and mobile to explore brands and new products. So, for any company, start-up or otherwise, digital marketing has become essential to target the digital population connected through digital platforms.

Digital marketing also lets you connect with the users personally and even monitor their behavior. Over a period of time, depending on the data, you can plan your contents, strategies, advertisements and even re-optimize them as needed.

If you are to work in digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something you need to capitalize on. It helps your post or website or the information you have put on the internet, easy to find by your target audience in search engines like Google. 

In Google alone, there are almost 3.8 million searches every minute. If you are to capitalize on proper optimization with a personalized digital marketing approach, you can reach a large audience. It provides the perfect deal of free advertising; hence, it is an important part. 

The cost and ROI factor

The main objective of any business is to get profit and have a higher return on investment. On the one hand, your expenses should demand low cost and, on the other, your investments should give you more return. And while using digital marketing tools, you get the best of both worlds. This is true when both monetary and sales factors are taken into consideration. 

To stress, digital marketing is more cost-effective than any other form of marketing. It costs way less, almost 3 times less, to promote one’s products and services than any traditional marketing channel. The ROI is also shown to give 13 times better results.

Let’s talk about boosting posts on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or even Google in the Asian markets. The average pay per click (or PPC) will be $0.5-1 for Google and $0.2- 0.5 for Facebook and Instagram.

This means, with a small amount of money, a single post can reach thousands of audiences, specifically to the right audience. Your target audience can be distributed both in and outside the country, and with digital marketing, you can reach them all at the same time. This is not possible in traditional marketing approaches as it does not guarantee you the impact you want to make. It can reach a bigger audience, maybe, but not always the right ones.

The time factor

Marketing your products or services via digital marketing like email and messages can be a faster, more flexible, and cost-effective way of reaching new customers. With this, you can create targeted and personalized messages. Not just that, responding to the customers, their queries, and feedback get way more manageable.

Naturally, these platforms enable you to connect with the audience better, in a more effective way. This also affects your long-term sales as it enables you to retain existing customers by encouraging them to visit the website repeatedly. 

The data factor

One using the digital marketing approach can measure the accomplishment of their marketing strategy. The platforms give data on such things as the rate of approaching traffic, deals, subscribers, sales, and consumer behavior. You can track them all in the form of numbers, rates, charts, and other graphical representations. 

So it ensures transparency in transactions, clarity in results, including what is working and what is not, and behavioral patterns and trends. All this helps one to decide what approaches work best for them and how to move forward. In short, it creates fast and easy communications with the target audiences, and one can check if their marketing endeavors are doing well or not.

In other words, here’s how digital marketing is better than traditional marketing:

  1. Digital marketers are looking to provide value to their target audience and develop attitudes about brands by improving content marketing. Traditional marketers are just looking forward to increasing sales with their ads rather than value.
  2. Traditional marketing is a one-way communication, it works by displaying an ad and reaching users. There is no feedback and even information about the mass it has reached. Digital marketing rightly fills the gap. Social media and email marketing offer two-way communication, making way for feedback, public relations, and customer engagement analytics.
  3. There isn’t much information provided in the ads given on television, radio, or even newspapers. This often doesn’t answer the curiosities of the audience regarding the products or the services. However, in digital marketing, the content is so prepared that the audience can quickly clear their confusion and understand the products better.
  4. Traditional marketing cost quite a lot, from airing the ads to holding the ads running under the plan. In the case of digital marketing, it is very affordable, and several marketing techniques are free.

Digital marketing brings along many benefits, but this may not be the perfect fit for everyone. Not everyone in the world uses smartphones and has access to the internet. There is still a population that relies on newspapers, radio, and television to access information. Hence, marketing through these traditional media is still worthy of spreading information to every corner of the world. Finding a perfect balance between these two kinds of marketing is the need of the present world.

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