Using digital platforms to get the best out of it

Using digital platforms to get the best out of it

Digital platforms

In this era of science and technology, everyone must have heard of the term ‘Digital Platform’ somewhere at least once in their lifetime. So, what are digital platforms? Splitting these two words, ‘Digital’ means ‘anything related to the use of computer technology’ and ‘Platform’ means ‘medium or websites and applications where you can express or show something. 

In a combined form, a digital platform means expressing anything using the product of technology i.e. digital media like Facebook, Google, email, websites, etc. And these digital platforms act like outlets where you can adopt and implement digital marketing tools and strategies to make your presence as well as excel in the digital world. 

For businesses today, digital platforms are mostly used as platforms where one can advertise his/her ideas and promote them using digital technology. The most commonly used digital platforms we see today are Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Wattpad, Blogs, Websites, and sometimes SMS. A digital platform today has become an advantage, when used properly, and not just a requirement for businesses.

But using the digital platforms to their optimum, and gaining advantage from them requires some considerations and well-planned strategies. If your business is able to harness the tools and techniques available then, your business can rise above all that too organically. So, here are the tips to promote your business no matter the size and show up your business as a brand using digital platforms.

Better the content, better the business

Creating content for your business is the most important aspect of promoting your business. Content can be a blog, video, or audio.

And it is not that the content should be expensive for the better growth of your business. The content should be effective and engaging rather than expensive.

The right content is important because they help your audience make smart, informed purchasing decisions. When you write quality content for your business, you become more visible on search engines and social media. It increases traffic to your website and helps build authority with search engines. As a result, you promote your business.

So, how can you create quality content for your business? It is easy. You can find various experienced content writers online who will work for as low as possible. Else, you can acquire content and SEO writing skills on your own and get started with writing content for your business.

Use digital platforms to promote content

The promotion of content helps to reach and attract an immense number of audiences for your business. After writing the content, you can use a digital platform to promote your content. Depending on where your target audience is, promotion on the right social platform is important.

Nowadays, everyone uses Google and almost everyone has a Facebook account. So, promoting your business by advertising on Google and Facebook can be beneficial. Google AdSense, Facebook Ads, etc. are some go-to platforms for the advertisement of your product online.

Browse such platforms and promote there. If any other online communities find interest in your content, collaborate and create a promotion with them as well. When your content reaches a higher number and specific audiences, you will promote your content and business as a whole.

Keep your content consistent

You will continue the branding of your business until you continue the creation and promotion of your content. So, you should be consistent in your content. The sky’s the limit. You should focus on multiplying the number of audiences, grow your business and turn your business into a brand.

Consistency is especially important in business. Let us take the example of a restaurant. It must be consistent because customers come in expecting the same good food all the time. If they slip up even one day, they lose customers. Similarly, you should make your audiences updated about your products and services.

Your audiences will know about your newer business ideas only if you make it reach them. This consistency helps in balancing the image of your business and even uplifting it. The ultimate motto of business is finally attracting the audience. A business is nothing without customers and consistency is the key to draw customers.

Focus 100% on branding, not conversions

When you start using digital platforms for your business, this plays a key role in the growth of your business. I hope you are already familiar with the term ‘Branding’ but probably not with the term ‘Conversion’. Normally, visitors just view your content. When they start to take specific actions like filling out a form or making a purchase, that is where conversion takes place.

Then, why is it that you should focus on branding, not conversion? It is because branding works all the time but conversion is just short-term. When you mark your business as a brand in your market, your business prospers for decades. The branding will help you get conversion every time and your customers will mark your products as a go-to product when in need of it.

A true example of this can be Nescafe. Nescafe is the only go-to choice if you want to buy a coffee product because of its branding. The company has focussed less on short-term conversions and has been successful to mark itself as a brand.


Use creative elements

Your content should be unique to that of others. Here, your creative skills are required. The creative elements include video, audio, photos, illustration, coloring, etc. The use of multimedia in digital platforms helps you to interact with the audiences and educate them well about your content and finally your business.

If your content is unique and more creative, the audience will find it more eye-catching and attention-grabbing. It shows your business as a genuine one. Since the content is the first communication for the audience, you should add more unique elements to your content.

The creative elements that are added to your content should be attractive after proper execution. Content should execute well in this manner. Random and improper use of interactive elements can even be a turn-off for the audience towards your content.

Know your buyers

An audience turns himself into a customer only after making a series of decisions that includes understanding the need and demand, post-purchase, assessing the alternatives, purchase decision, and information search. These are the steps of the Buyer Process.

Knowing the steps of the process, you should manage your content and business and add more to it. Once you are aware of the Buyer Process i.e. tricks to dupe customers to be a part of your business, you can transform your business on the same basis. Anyone can enter the digital market but only successful companies know the Buyer Process.

Connect Social Media Metrics With ROI

Return on Investment (ROI) is a ratio between net profit and the cost of investment. When you connect ROI with social media platforms, that is called Social Media ROI. Social Media ROI is used as a parameter to monitor the impact of social media activity on one’s business.

Sometimes, you advertise on the platforms where you are getting no impact on your business and you are also not aware of that. So, the Social Media ROI helps to track the returns you get from all your social media marketing initiatives. It helps to identify what you will get from the time, efforts, and resources you commit to the platforms.

This means understanding how much you invest in your social media and how much money your social achievements are worth. By understanding your social media ROI, you will be able to avoid wasting time on social media that just isn’t working. It helps to figure out where your energy is most needed and check which social media platform works best for your business marketing.

When it comes to using digital platforms for marketing, having a clear understanding of how the platforms work is essential. With that, you need to have such strategies that bode well to your business’s core values and tailor them according to the traits of the platforms you are using. The main objective of digital platforms is to engage your audience and give richer content for the purpose. Following the points discussed above, you can create that space for your audience and boost your sales even more.

Connect Social Media Metrics for Digital Branding

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