How can social media help boost your sales?

How can social media help boost your sales?

How can social media help boost your sales

Digital marketing is a platform where the digital medium is utilized by marketers to promote their business and services. Among the available digital channels, social media is mainly effective because it is the most interactive platform, and social media help boost your sales too. It has become unavoidable for both marketers and customers to exploit this interactive platform in the digital era.

Worldwide people have spent a minimum of 2 hours and 24 minutes every day using social media. The data itself is enough for marketers to realize how strong social media channels could be in terms of influencing people. Moreover, the time spent on social media had increased by 1.4% in 2019 and 6% in 2018. Every year the increasing data provides evidence of how social media is intertwining with people’s life. 

With the increasing activeness of digital marketing, there is immense competition among marketers. The only way out to be visible among a larger number of audience is to levitate above all noise. In the crowd of 3.8 billion social media users, it looks compact to surpass the noise and let people hear you. It’s the reason why there has to be proper planning that guides your sales to boost through social media. 

Know the right platform

Social media marketing offers a variety of platforms to choose from. It is essential to prefer those platforms that present the best ROI for your investments. However, it can be difficult to be present on every social media at once. One needs to narrow them down to some particular platforms that are likely to meet your targets. In other cases, a company can also manage resources by distributing the work of handling social media networks. 

Identify your audience, where, and how to find them as they may differ per platform. For instance, Business to Business (B2B) audiences are widely available on LinkedIn whereas Business to Consumers (B2C) are all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. You find your target audience according to your business goal. Therefore, first, identify who your audiences are, set your goal, and then find the audience by choosing the right platform. 

Knowing the right platform is vital for your business

Tips on using social media

Research your target audience:

Market segmentation is used as a marketing strategy to find audiences. Your search is dissected over different categories like demographic, age, geographic, location, interests, behavior, etc.  It is easy when you take the help of marketing tools to identify the target audience.

Google Analytics is an effective tool that can help track users interacting over certain categories. Besides, there is also social media analytics that tells you more about your audience. Marketers could also identify the trends using keywords and people who are using those keywords. You also need to monitor what people are telling about your business to analyze and respond to conversations and take action to improve marketing.  

The majority of people use mobile devices to surf social media. 79% of Facebook users use phones to access. Not all websites are mobile-friendly; uniformity should be the key. Even Google ranks mobile-friendly devices in a better position. Mobile versions of websites repute your page and increase optimization and reach. 

You need to create content and test your ads on the target audience. If the results are satisfying you need to move forward with the ad and promotions else still have to work on reaching the exact target. 

Researching your target audience helps gain you targeted sales

Connect and build a relationship:

The effectiveness of content is measured when it is made interactive and gives people reasons to respond. Create valuable, fresh, varied content so to educate and entice your audience. If you create content that people are in search of, you establish a loyal community around your business. 

For a strong customer relationship talk with your audience. Respond to their comments and messages instantly. Since social media is the most interactive platform one has to utilize this feature to establish a healthy relationship.

Share your own stories and let others share their experiences. Make your business look transparent by letting people know about the company and its employees. Meanwhile, involve your audience by encouraging them to share their journey through testimonies and reviews. Feature user-generated content to show your strong relationship with your customers. 


Social media influencers are helpful in the promotion of business. You need to find the right influencers who are active and have genuine followers. They reach your target audience, make your brand visible, build trust and boost sales. Working with celebrities or turning loyal customers into brand advocates. They are the micro-influencers likely to generate good traffic. We can take them as niche experts that create deeper influence and encourage their followers. 

Influencers could use relatable hashtags and promo codes that advocate your brand. They could also promote your business by brand placements or link it with social causes. Instagram is the best platform for social influencers. 

Invest in social media advertising:

Even though social media promotions are cheaper than other digital advertisements, there still needs some investments. Ads on social media campaigns consist of high impact due to its reach. About 59% of consumers globally are influenced by social media for purchase. 

You need to place and pay your ads on those platforms that have more target audience. If your targets are parents than your ads can be invested in Facebook or LinkedIn and if your targets are teenagers your ads can be placed on Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok. 

Generate traffic with the KPI specific to your content. Bring quality images and titles that generate clicks, increases likes, comments, shares, profile visits, and brand mentions. Create links to landing pages for users who click on your ads. For instance, when influencers link your page with the swipe up options on their stories viewers directly land to your page. So you need to custom your page to contents that are related to the ad or something that may be interesting. 

So the impact of social advertising resulting in, social media help boost your sales, be it directly or indirectly.

Investing in advertising can help your brand stand out

Push offers and sales:

To boost your sales use attractive offers that engage the audiences. Offers like flash sales, free shipping, offer coupons, promo codes, additional off on subscriptions, contests or giveaways could grab attention conveniently. Moreover, the trick is that when you announce discounts, exciting gifts and free stuff people generate interest easily. 

Use creative designs and display such content through pictures or graphics. But don’t make it sound pushy or corporate. Use a few texts and let the image speak for itself. Facebook only allows covering 20% of the image with text. 

Make it easy to buy on your social channel:

Usually, it becomes less interesting when the purchase process gets complicated. Shoppable posts could be created by uploading pictures and mentioning or tagging the products. Include name, price, and description to the post and make a purchase directly. Add some CTA buttons like “shop now” or “add to cart” buttons to encourage purchase.

Instagram is the most shoppable social media platform. Create a business account on Instagram and get insights from your audience. Use CTA features to generate curiosity. Facebook also has similar features to shop and can display in carousels. Link your product’s website’s product with your Facebook and Instagram with Facebook. 

Collecting leads and taking it to the customer journey makes it easier for marketers to plan strategies. Every step that you take for your marketing strategies is directly proportional to generating good leads, reach the target audience and letting social media help boost your sales. helps your grow. Social media being the most interactive platform could be taken the benefit of reaching the right target, cheap investments and gaining profits. 

Making it easier to shop on social media increases your sales

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